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As they have become available, energy efficient appliances have replaced older, broken or inefficient ones and now, the majority of high use or frequent use appliances are in the 'energy-efficient' league.

Hand-powered appliances

Windup Clock
Baygen Windup Radio - opens in a new website
Windup Torch Ewbank Multi Sweep
Wind-up Alarm Clock BayGen Freeplay wind-up Radio - 1997 Classic Wind-up Torch Ewbank
Carpet Sweeper

Mains powered appliances

Appliance Energy Rating Year EST*
Switch to all LED light bulbs and strip lights - 2019 -
Replaced ISE DW243 with Bosch SMS 69L32 Dishwasher. Always used in 3-hour Eco mode. - 2015 -
Replaced ISE 10 washing machine with Bosch WAQ28462 washing machine. - 2015 -
ISE DW243 Dishwasher A+AA 2012 -
Siemens SL785 Cordless Telephone in Eco Mode + - 2010 -
Grant Vortex 16/21 Oil Heating Boiler SEDBUK "A" 2010 Yes
Honeywell ST9400C Electronic Programmer - 2010 Yes
ISE 10 Washing machine AAA 2009 -
Boots Eco Friendly Hair Dryer - 2009 -
Pure One Mini Digital radio with Chargepak. More.. - 2008 Yes
Sony Bravia LCD TV (in energy saving mode) - 2008 Yes
Eco Kettle - 2008 Yes
Light bulbs - various but most common is the Phillips Lighting Softone GLS CFL A 2008 - 2007 Yes
Indesit BAAN 10 Fridge Freezer A+ 2007 Yes
Bosch Freezer GSD14A20B A 2006 -
Brennenstuhl PM 230 Electricity Meter
- a monitoring and testing instrument to determine the power consumption of a connected appliance and the costs of electricity consumed.
- 2005 -
Sava Plug - Device to reduce the energy requirement on a fridge. - 2002 -
* Energy Saving Trust recommended product (at time of purchase)

There is scope for further energy improvements in these electrical goods and over time, as they come to the end of their useful lives, they will contune to be replaced with even more energy-efficient models.

Powered Appliances notably absent from the household.

Appliances specifically avoided because of their high energy consumption:
Power shower
Tumble Dryer
Plasma screen TV.