Treading Softly - Environmentally considerate living in a rural english home and garden

Treading Softly

The Building

In 1995 when we acquired the semi-detached, 3-bedroom building it was cold and rather rundown. Our focus was, within income limitations, to insulate and initiate other energy saving initiatives which would save us money, make us more comfortable and reduce our impact on the environment. Undoubtedly our various insulation projects have been the most important and are listed on the Insulation page in detail. They have saved us money to spend on more efficient appliances and so the "virtuous circle" continues.

Most pleasing is that in 2011 we feel we have done just about as much as we can within the limitations of a 1964 building ...a period that generated some of the worst building standards ever. This has been shown by our recent Energy Performance Certificate for the Building (May 2011) which shows that our current Energy Efficiency Rating and our Environmental Impact Rating are as high as they can potentially be.

Next, we plan to install Hot Water Solar panels if we can obtain planning approval without alienating ourselves from the community.

Energy Performance Certificate - May 2011