Treading Softly - Environmentally considerate living in a rural english home and garden

Treading Softly

The Cottage features traditional front and back gardens, an orchard, vegetable garden, wildflower lot and grass meadow. It is an Organic garden. No pesticides, herbicides or inorganic fertilisers have been used since its acquisition in 1994. Weeds are hand removed or mowed.

The garden is managed sustainably with very few external inputs and outputs. The only external inputs are vegetable seeds, seed compost, the occasional potted plant (usually sourced from a neighbour), fuel and oils for garden machinery. Internal inputs are rainwater, sunshine and our labour. Nothing leaves the plot except plant pots for re-use through the local garden centre. Everything else stays on site.

There is no such thing as ‘Waste’ but temporarily surplus, unwanted vegetation which is all recycled, composted and re-used on site. There is minimal garden infrastructure. No sheds, no greenhouses, no cold frames, no gazebos. Just some fencing where required.

Our initiatives are published as a resource that may inspire others seeking to take care of their natural environment or encourage wildlife and biodiversity. The website intends to be informative and share experiences. It does not intend to be prescriptive.

The Meadow in springCorn Poppies

Blue Butterfly