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Treading Softly

Gardening Initiatives - 1995 to date

This page lists the initiatives that have been taken by us since 1995 to minimise the environmental impact of our land management and to encourage and protect wildlife species within our care. More details of some of the initiatives are available where linked.

One water butt installed behind garage - 200 litres 1995 Robin on a ceramic fish perch

Robin looking for more insects
Planted new hedgerow over 120 yards 1995
Planted 15 indigenous trees 1995 to date
Compost all kitchen food surplus on site 1995 to date
Compost all garden surplus on site 1995 to date
'Wildlife heap' of woody surplus which provides a wildlife shelter 1995 to date
Compost all garden surplus 1995 to date
Never had a bonfire 1995 to date
Leaf Mould every year from raked garden leaves 1995 to date
Created organic vegetable garden 1996 to date
Organic garden free of pesticides, herbicides and inorganic fertilisers 1996 to date
15 bird boxes or roosting baskets placed in hedges and shrubs 1996 to date
A variety of habitats created and maintained in garden for wildlife. 1996 to date
Spreadsheet and then Database recording of all species. See details 1996 to date
2 x green cones and two black composters. 1998 - 1999
Setup Wildflower lot 2003
Plastic plant pots recycled at local garden centre 2004 to date
Extra 4 garden water butts installed totaling 800 litres 2006
2 Hedgehog boxes, 2 bug houses, Bumblebee nest box installed  2008
Added Damson and Plum trees to garden 2008
Hang Bird nest building materials baskets in springtime 2008 to date
Added Pear, Damson and Plum trees to meadow 2010