Treading Softly - Environmentally considerate living in a rural english home and garden

Treading Softly


Food and Drink consumption is a major part of any lifestyle analysis with many (often conflicting) environmental, ethical, health and economic issues surrounding it.

OnionsThis topic may be analysed in more depth in future, but for now the topic is simply covered by a short list of some of our better environmental habits associated with food acquisition and consumption:

As will be seen from the bibliography page, several books about the production and sustainability of food and its sources have been read - most notably those by Felicity Lawrence and John Humphrys. In 2003/2004 these books were instrumental in 'shaping' the household's food acquisition behaviours resulting in healthier and more economical meals and avoiding foods derived from unsustainable sources, poor or inhumane production techniques or produced by environmentally inconsiderate businesses.