Treading Softly - Environmentally considerate living in a rural english home and garden

Treading Softly


The CottageThe Cottage is a plain semi-detached house built in 1964 and extended under a flat-roof in 1974. It sits on 2 acres of land with lovely views in a village in southern England.

When we arrived in 1994 the house was cool and draughty. There was much to do and we knew we didn't have enough money to do everything we wanted. But with the long-term vision of a long stay and the patience to fund work without borrowing, we have prioritised our home projects as those that minimise energy consumption, provide important infrastructural improvements, provide a return on our investment and minimise damage to the environment beyond our own.

Nineteen years later the infrastructure and basics for a well insulated home for two people with environmentally sustainable living habits have been put in place and now we have achieved "maximum insulation" and "modest" energy bills and enjoy a rewarding and comfortable living space. Aesthetics can now be added to the list. Even though we have more to do, we feel snug, smug and quite green. We have come a long way.

On the land, environmental stewardship and sustainable initiatives have directed our efforts. Care for the environment, the welfare and protection of wildlife, enhancement of biodiversity and management of a healthy soil have been the bedrock of all efforts in the garden, orchard, vegetable plot, meadow and wildflower lot.

Years ago "The "Custodians" of "The Cottage" opted out of commuting to run their respective businesses from home, one desk-based and the other workshop-based. The peace and quiet of the countryside ensures a gentler but no less productive business regime. Ethical and environmental policies direct the acquisition of goods and services by both businesses.

Daily living at "The Cottage" is managed to avoid waste, to use resources carefully and considerately and to avoid damage to the environment beyond our own.

We are trying to Tread Softly in all aspects of our lives.

We have purposely not identified ourselves or our location but do feel free to leave feedback or ask questions through the Contact page.