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Treading Softly

Heating Oil

We live in a village with no mains gas supply so we use heating oil to heat the building. Oil is delivered by tanker and stored in a 1,400 litre tank. It is burned by a Grant Vortex 16/21 condensing oil boiler.

Heating Oil - Average Litres consumed per week

The chart shows the average weekly consumption of heating oil for the years since 2008. Consumption has steadily reduced with 2011/12 some 15% less than during 2010/11. This is attributed to the installation of the Condenser boiler in January 2010 and the completion of the building insulation in February 2011.

Average Oil Consumption per weekThe 1400litre oil tank
Heating Oil consumption reduced sufficiently to allow a single delivery of approximately 1,600 litres of oil annually in May. This provides visibility and predictability of the total annual heating oil cost and means we can now get a realistic year-on-year comparison of our consumption, albeit still by averaging our weekly consumption. Replenishing in May or June seems to be the best time to get the lowest Heating Oil Prices in the year.

In 2016 the oil tank was changed to a smaller and more secure one. As it is only a 1400 lite tank we need to have it topped up twice a year. This makes it now almost impossible to measure our usage of oil for a calendar year so the monitoring and graph are no longer updated. We have no reason to think our average usage has changed as a result of a different si xed tank.

Meanwhile, in early 2020 we are assessing the option of switching to a mix of solar panels and an Air Source heat pump to replace the oil heating system. We hope we will be able to identify the correct replacement system and that we can afford it. It would be lovely to eliminate oil from or carbon foot print.

Heating Oil saving technologies

Our Heating Oil saving habits