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Wildlife sighted at The Cottage

From about 1996, handwritten lists of the wildlife sightings in the garden and meadow were kept, mainly of the trees, shrubs and butterflies. As wildlife record-keeping continued over the years, so handwritten lists were converted into spreadsheets in the early 'noughties' and they in turn were converted into a database in 2007.

By 2012 the list of species of both plants and creatures that have been present has reached 456 and there are still many more yet to be found and identified. The full list is linked below, but in summary the main groups identified between 1996 - 2012 are:
Bumblebee on Chives
8 species of Mammal
3 species of Mollusc
2 species of Snake
139 species of Moth
2 species of Lizard
1 species of Frog
6 species of Fly
21 species of Butterfly
21 species of Bug and Beetle
48 species of Bird
1 species of Aphid
7 species of Bee and Wasp
3 species of Spider
15 species of Grass
25 species of Trees and Shrubs
130 species of Wildflower
Male Stag Beetle

A benefit of the database was that it could be used to record further sightings in other areas of the village and now some 10 areas of wildlife have been surveyed and recorded and shared on the village website. In total, we have so far identified about 608 wildlife species in the village (including our own 456 at the Cottage).

Grass Snake - 2010 Blue Butterfly - 2010 White Ermine (Spilosoma lubricipeda
Goldenrod Crab Spider on Meadowsweet Brown Argus - May 2011 Long tailed tit
Poplar Hawk Moth Peacock Butterfly Young hedgehog Aug 2011 in late evening light
MoorhenYoung male sparrow Goldfinch Mouse on Peanut Feeder - 2012
Wood Pigeon Green Woodpecker Swallows Nest and Swallow - 1997
Young Wagtail Young Mistle Thrush 2012 Plumped up Robin
Red Kite overhead Dec 2012 Red Kite overhead Dec 2012 Red Kite overhead Dec 2012
Black-headed Gulls in winter plumage - Dec 2012
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Fieldfare Brambling - Jan 2013 Reed Bunting (Male)
Redpolls Seven Goldfinches - Feb 2013 Wren - Spring 2014
Small Emerald Elephant Hawkmoth Privet Hawkmoth
Buzzard Redwing - Jan 2014 Pheasant
Robin Nuthatch fledging Great Tit fledgling June 2014
Six-spot Burnett moth Cinnabar Moth caterpillars Peacock