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All the Initiatives

This page lists the 80 + initiatives that have been taken by the custodians since 1995 to minimise the environmental and financial impact of their lifestyle. On other pages the initiatives are broken down into Behavioural (no-cost, low-cost) initiatives, the more expensive Technological initiatives and the Garden initiatives. More details of some of the initiatives are available where linked.

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Insulation Double glazed all windows 1996 - 1999
New Back door with double glazing 2000
Cavity Wall Insulation 2002
Reflectors behind all radiators 2003
Loft floor - Insulation upgrade 2003
New front door with double glazing 2007
Front and Back door draught-proofing upgrade 2007
Window draught-proofing upgrade 2007
Flat Roof insulation using Warmcel 2008
Workshop - additional loft floor insulation 2009
Extra loft insulation - rigid insulation between pitched roof rafters 2010
Workshop - Cavity Wall insulation  2010
Built rear ground floor extension with latest windows, underfloor, wall and ceiling insulations 2017
Built kitchen extension with latest windows, underfloor, wall and ceiling insulations 2018
Electricity Sava Plug on fridge 2002
Switched to nPower Juice - green energy tariff 2005
Power Strips with single switch for TV and 2 computer "clusters" 2006
Electricity meter to measure individual appliance energy usage 2006
Switched to Ecotricity - green wind energy  2007
14 energy-saving bulbs on most-used light fittings 2002 - 2007
Remaining bulbs replaced with energy-saving bulbs 2008
Unnecessary lights and appliances switched off ! 1996 to date
All property's bulbs and strip light units replaced with LED bulbs and units 2019
Appliances We did not own use a dishwasher until the ISE DW243 became available in 2012. 1995 to 2012
  Ceased using a Tumble Dryer 2002 to date
Replaced large US-Style fridge-freezer with A+ Freezer 2005
Eco Kettle 2007
Replaced 30-year-old fridge freezer with A+ fridge-freezer  2007
Replaced 13-year-old washing machine with ISE 10 AAA machine 2008
Replaced 25-year-old C/H boiler with Condenser oil boiler 2010
Replaced ISE DW243 with Bosch SMS 69L32 Dishwasher installed. Very quiet 2015
Replaced ISE 10 with Bosch WAQ28462 washing machine 2015
Transport & Travel Only 1.5 hours traveled by plane since 18 October 2003 2003 to date
Holidays taken in UK 2003 to date
Changed from two old cars to single new Toyota Prius Hybrid T4 2006
Continual bicycle repair 1997 - 2008
Keep annual car mileage for 2 people and 2 businesses to 9,000 miles 2006 - 2007
Replaced small petrol car with New Nissan Leaf 2018 all electric vehicle (EV) 2018
Water Installed a water meter 1997
Extra 4 garden water butts installed totaling 800 litres 2006
Interflush toilet cistern water-saving device  2006
Decommissioned water softener system 2006
Installed Scale Watcher. Chemical free. Minimal energy use. 2006
Food Reduced red meat consumption to once weekly 2003 to date
Planned weekly meals and set weekly food shopping checklist 2004
Using "Bags for Life" or own jute/cloth bags 2006
Taking care to minimise packaging purchased 2006 to date
Fresh food deliveries from local farms and shops 2007
Use the milkman for milk delivery in re-usable glass bottles 2007 to date
Programme to reduce grocery shopping plastic packaging 2019-20
Laundry Stopped tumble drying. All laundry air dried in house or on outside line. 2002
Removed and Freecycled tumble dryer 2008
Use 30 ° for coloureds washing 2008
Replaced 13-year old washing machine with ISE 10 2008
Replaced ISE 10 with Bosch WAQ28462 washing machine 2015
Surplus Resources Recycle everything possible including glass, cans, plastic bottles, plastic bottle tops, paper, aluminium foil, batteries, textiles, shoes, metal, bottle tops, engine oil .....and more. 1996 to date
Many household items are re-used in some way, including glass jars, yoghurt pots, furniture, plastic bags, clothing, A4 paper and many unwanted items send to Freecycle or Freegle. 1995 to date
2 x green cones and two black composters. 1998 - 1999
Compost all kitchen food surplus on site 1995 to date
Compost all garden surplus on site 1995 to date
Garden Planted new hedgerow over 120 yards 1995
'Wildlife heap' for all woody surplus which also provides a wildlife shelter 1995 to date
Compost all garden surplus 1995 to date
Never had a bonfire 1995 to date
Leaf Mould every year from raked garden leaves 1995 to date
Created organic vegetable garden 1996 to date
Organic garden free of pesticides, herbicides and inorganic fertilisers 1996 to date
13 bird boxes/roosts placed in hedges and shrubs 1998 to date
Setup Wildflower lot 2003
Plastic plant pots recycled at local garden centre 2004 to date
2 Hedgehog boxes, 2 bug houses, a Bumblebee nest box installed  2008
Added Damson and Plum trees to garden 2008
Bird nest building materials baskets 2008
Biodiversity A variety of habitats created and maintained in garden for wildlife. 1996 to date
Database recorded species: 125 wildflowers, 9 mammals, 26 Trees/Shrubs,19 butterflies, 120 moths, 47 birds & 39 other creatures.  1996 to date
Won Gold Award for "Best Garden for Wildlife" 2007
Won "Best Garden for Wildlife" and "Best in Competition" 2010
Monitoring Heating Oil consumption measured and monitored 1995 to date
Water consumption measured and monitored 1999 to date
Electricity consumption measured and monitored 2002 to date
Petrol consumption measured and monitored 2006 - 2008
Car mileage measured and monitored 2006 to date
  Carbon Footprint measured and monitored 2008 to date
Other Signed up to stop junk mail through Mail Preference Service 1996
Use of some Organic paint for redecoration 2006
  Commissioned consultants for household energy and CO2 report 2008
CO2 Footprint Currently about 9,800 Kgs a year for house, 2 adults and 2 businesses 2007 to date
Using up to five CO2 calculators + self-customised calculation 2007 to date
Information Website detailing all the above initiatives March 2011 to date