Treading Softly - Environmentally considerate living in a rural english home and garden

Treading Softly

Bibliography - Books

Silent Spring - Rachel Carson (1962)How Bad are Bananas? - Mike Berners-Lee (2010)Hard Rain - Photos by Mark EdwardsThe Great Food Gamble - John Humphrys (2001)
  • "Hard Rain"
      Mark Edwards(2009)
  • "The Urgency of Now",
      Lloyd Timberlake (2009)
  • "Heat",
      George Monbiot (2006)
  • "The Revenge of Gaia",
      James Lovelock (2006)
  • "How many lightbulbs does it take to change a planet?",
      Tony Juniper (2007) Signed!
  • "Silent Spring",
      Rachel Carson (1962)
  • "Unbowed",
      Wangari Maathai (2007)
  • "Capitalism as if the World matters",
      Jonathan Porritt (2005)
  • "Eden",
      Tim Smit (2005)
  • "The Secret Life of Trees",
      Colin Tudge (2005)
  • "Rubbish",
      Richard Girling (2005)
  • "Enough",
      John Naish (2008)
  • "The Great Food Gamble",
      John Humphrys (2001)
  • "Not on the Label",
      Felicity Lawrence (2004)
  • "The Good Shopping Guide",
      Ethical Marketing Group (2004)
  • "The Green Consumer Guide"
      Elkington & Hailes (1988) Foreword by Anita Roddick
  • "How Bad are Bananas? - The Carbon Footprint of Everything"
      Mike Berners-Lee (2010)

Bibliography - Newspaper Columns

  • "Eco Worrier" by Anna Shepard, The Times. Sadly no longer happening but absolutely inspirational at the time.

Bibliography - Films and Documentaries

  • BBC Natural History Unit TV film
    "Message in the Waves" (105 mins) about global plastic pollution.

  • "An Inconvenient Truth" Al Gore (10 mins).

  • "The Age of Stupid" (2 min trailer) - Climate Change from a Future Perspective.

  • "A Farm for the Future" BBC Natural World - (5 x 10 mins) -
     Rebecca Hosking on low energy farming in the future.(49 minutes).

  • "Life after Growth" (25 mins) by Leah Temper and Claudia Medina. "Work Less. Consume Less. Live More." ...........but only if you live in a developed country in the northern hemisphere.

  • The Gulf Stream and the Next Ice Age". (51mins) by Nicolas  Koutsikas. An explanation of the colder British winters.

  • "Food Inc" (2008) (4 mins) by Robert Kenner. A depressing, sad  and blood boiling account of America's corporate controlled food  industry.