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Treading Softly


Water consumption has been reducing steadily then levelling off for the last 12 years and has fallen 46% from its 2002 peak, bottoming in the wet summer of 2009. The dry summer of 2010 meant more watering of pot plants and the vegetable garden hence the rise. All plant watering is done with a watering can.

To translate the graph below, in year ending October 2010 we consumed approximately 100 Cubic Metres of water a year x 1,000 = 100,000 litres a year or an average of 275 litres a day between 2 adults = an average of 137 litres per person per day. Ofwat says the UK average is 140 litres per person. The table below shows we are making progress:

Year Litres per person per day
2002 219
2010 137
2019 123
Water consumption chartOne of 7 waterbutts holding about 1500 litres in total
    The peak in 2017-18 was caused by the building of two small extensions on our building.

Water saving technologies

Our Water saving habits